History of the Galileans

The history of the Galilean Ministry. When and how we started and general background information.

The Beginning

In the beginning, that is before 1962, Galileans were known by another name. The name of this loosely knit group “Little Men’s Brotherhood” was an offshoot of the Men’s BMA Brotherhood. Before the 1962 National BMA Meeting, the Galileans were not a formal organized group, but the Girls Missionary Auxiliary was already going strong. There was a feeling by some men in the BMA that a counter-part group needed to be officially formed to answer a need. The GMAs had their official group so why not the boys?

As a result, in 1962 at the Joplin, MO National Meeting a resolution was adopted by the BMA of America and the Galileans were officially formed. You could say that the GAlileans owe their existence to the Women of the BMA in more ways than one.

And their off…

The work of forming the Galileans had just begun. A formal written set of guidelines needed to be developed and a Ministry created by which the Galileans could judge accomplishment. Brothers Paul L. Bearfield and Jim Courtney were appointed at the BMA National Meeting to author the Galilean manual and materials.

By 1963 the Brotherhood provided a Galilean manual. Also, the Galileans became one of the primary ministries of the Brotherhood work. Planning began for a Galilean Camp.

Camp Gary

In 1964, the Brotherhood scheduled the first Galilean encampment, to be held at Gary, Texas.

In 1965, the Galilean encampment was permanently established. Also, from the same meeting, the Brotherhood authorized the writing of a Section in the “Golden Words” and selected a writer.

Succeeding years have seen more development of the Galilean Ministry and the Brotherhood ministry.

Final Note…

Often times history is written at the end of something or after someone has passed on…Not so with the Galileans. Even today the Ministry is growing and recent stirrings from the state of New York are beginning to yield fruit. Many in the Galilean Ministry believe that God has a special purpose for the Galileans. Last time we checked, the purpose of God is never deterred.